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Become a Sustainability Leader!

Delve into the realms of carbon markets, cutting-edge sustainability strategies, net-zero roadmaps, ESG reporting, green financing, and beyond

  • Learn from industry experts and practitioners
  • Build skills that align seamlessly with what employers are seeking
  • Boost your Green credentials with our BCG-U Certification

Unique, up to 90% subsidised program designed to build high-demand Green business skills. 

We offer 3 specializations - Senior leaders, Financial institutions and Corporate Finance. Want to learn more?


Funding Support Available

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Up to 90% subsidies available 

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Why upskill in sustainability?

The world today is different from what we might have imagined and embracing rapidly evolving environments has become the new normal.

1. Singapore government is taking fast strides to focus on sustainability (mandatory sustainability reporting, carbon taxes, focus on sustainable finance)

2. 48% of global CEOs claim that sustainability is top priority for long term growth

3. 55,000 new sustainability jobs are anticipated to come up in Singapore

Unlock new opportunities

Only 1 in 8 workers has one or more green skills - We are far from the green skills penetration that we need
LinkedIn job postings requiring at least one green skill have grown by a median of 15.2%.
Hiring rate for workers with at least one green skill is 29% higher than the workforce average.


Transform your career. Transform the planet.

                               Interested? We are here to help

Explore our offerings to identify which of the 3 specialized green tracks holds the key to unlocking your maximum potential to participate in the ongoing green revolution. 

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Sustainability for Senior Leaders

Become a champion to transform your organisation into a sustainability leader. Gain the knowledge, strategies, and leadership skills needed to drive sustainability initiatives

Secure your place at the table and become an integral part of shaping strategic decisions for your organisation.

Key Outcomes

- Lead your organization's sustainability transformation by developing Green leadership skills

- Get a seat at the table. Be a part of strategic decision making for your organization

- Empower yourself to drive a complete green transformation, mastering strategic goal setting and essential enablers

Topics covered

Green Economy Essentials

- Climate & Sustainability imperative: Climate change and impact on people, businesses and the planet

- Corporate strategies and commitments

- Business case for green transition

Assess Climate risk

- Understand climate risk

- Analyze climate risk for your business

Define Climate Ambition

- Understand Carbon Accounting

- Baseline current emissions

- Set Climate ambitions for a business

Embark on Decarbonization Journey

- Introduction to decarbonization

- Decarbonization opportunities (Scope 1,2,3)

- Carbon pricing, taxes and offsets

- Climate governance

- Organization's decarbonization journey design

Craft your green transformation narrative

- Understand key stakeholders and their role in green finance

- Understand financial markets

- Understand investor perspectives

- Craft a suitable green narrative for different stakeholders

Activate key enablers for green transition

- Climate technologies and data

- Managing climate talent landscape

- Leadership, culture and change management

Typical roles to benefit

CXO's , directors, VPs, regional business heads, managers, strategy consultants, senior corporate trainers, …

... and other professionals with managerial authority or aspirations 

Course details

- Course Dates:
25th June to 15th Aug 2024
13th Aug to 3rd Oct 2024

- Course Fees: S$ 8000 (S$1,216 after maximum subsidy; further offset by your SkillsFuture Credits)

- Course Duration: 6-8 Weeks

- Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays

- Timing: Between 7PM - 10 PM

- Mode of Classes: Online live classes with in-person networking events

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Sustainability for Corporate Finance 

Drive sustainable finance decisions with confidence. Gain essential Green Finance knowledge and tools  for you to become the climate expert in your finance department.

Become the voice of your company's climate adaptation journey and captivate investors. 

Key Outcomes

- Use reporting measurement disclosures to prepare an organization to become compliant with regulations

-Account for climate change impact in your financial planning

-Ensure that financial impacts of climate change are part of company's decision making

-Grow your company's valuation in the era of climate change

Topics Covered

Green Economy Essentials:

- Climate & Sustainability imperative: Climate change and impact on people, businesses and the planet

- Corporate strategies and commitments

- Business case for green transtion

Climate ambition and methodologies

- Carbon accounting and emissions

- Baselining carbon footprint estimations

- Climate ambition setting

The climate and sustainability imperative for finance function

- The climate and sustainability imperative for finance

- The climate ecosystem and the impact on finance function

Regulatory Landscape

- Reporting standards, disclosures and climate risks

- Carbon pricing, carbon tax and carbon offsets

- Climate metrics and accounting

- Analyze climate risks

- Climate technologies and data

Supporting the business in driving sustainability initiatives

- Internal carbon pricing and its impact

- The future of finance in driving sustainability initiatives

Supporting businesses in financing needs

- Understanding financial markets

- Climate agencies and ratings

- Green capital markets and sustainable finance instruments

- Green project classifications and considerations for raising green finance

- Assess green project financing suitability

- Acting on investors perspective

- Build a pitch to raise investor money

Finance's value to an organization

- Bringing together finance's value to the organization

Typical Roles to Benefit

Corporate Finance, Finance Controllers, Business Finance Managers, Corporate Finance professionals, Financial Accountants,
Finance Risk Managers Others: Finance Consultants, Portfolio Managers, Business Reporting Professionals, Business Owners...

...and anyone who works closely with the Finance Function or the Office of the CFO

Course Details

- Next Batch : Q3 2024

- Course Fees: S$ 6500 (S$825.50 after max subsidy; further offset by your SkillsFuture Credits)

- Course Duration: 6-8 Weeks

- Schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays

- Timing: Between 7PM - 10 PM

- Mode of Classes: Online live classes with in-person networking events

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Sustainability for Financial Institutions

Unlock the sustainability mandate for financial institutions with exciting climate-focused career opportunities within the financial sector.

Become a  trusted advisor or carve out a fresh career in sustainable finance.

Key Outcomes

- Equip yourself with the latest happenings in green finance

- Effectively steer your portfolio to be resilient against the climate risk

- Bring the right green finance products and deals to your clients

- Win more business from sustainability-concious clients

Topics Covered

Green Economy Essentials:

- Climate & Sustainability imperative: Climate change and impact on people, businesses and the planet

- Corporate strategies and commitments

- Net zero for financial institutions

- Business case for green transtion

Understanding the Climate imperative for financial institutions

- The sustainability imperative for financial institutions

- Financial institutions operationalization of sustainability transition

Green Finance Opportunities and Risks

- Reporting standandards, disclosures and assessing climate risks

- Analyzing climate risks

- Identify client's financing opportunities in the green transition

- Our client's perspectives in the green transition

Understand green finance solutions and assess suitability for green financing for end clients

- Green capital markets and sustainable finance instruments

- Green projects classification and considerations for raising green finance

- Assess green project financing suitability

- Climate and sustainability partnerships and vendors

Pitch Green finance solutions to end-clients

- Craft a pitch to end clients

- Delivering winning pitches

- Value creation for clients

Typical Roles to Benefit

relationship managers, product teams, risk teams in corporate and retail banks; insurance professionals, asset and wealth managers, financial advisors, Fintech employees, actuaries...

… and anyone who works within any financial institute

Course Details

- Next batch : Q3 2024

- Course Fees: S$ 6500 (S$825.50 after max subsidy; further offset by your SkillsFuture Credits)

- Course Duration: 6-8 Weeks

- Schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays

- Timing: Between 7PM - 10 PM

- Mode of Classes: Online live classes with in-person networking events

Programme Modules

Module 1: Green Economy Essentials

Understand climate change and what it means for the planet, business and you as a leader.

During this module, you'll build a clear picture of:
  • Why sustainability matters
  • Climate and sustainability trends in Singapore and Southeast Asia
  • What the Green Economy means for your business and you
  • The critical role that leaders play in the Green transition
  • The business case for green transition and how to use it as a competitive advantage


Module 2: Sustainability Strategy

Define businesses' climate goals and chart out pathway to net zero.

During this module, you'll gain an understanding of: 

  • Climate risks and implications on organizations
  • Financing options to support sustainability initiatives
  • New business prospects to drive growth and innovation
  • How carbon offsets can enable clients to mitigate environmental impact effectively
  • How managing ESG ratings can safeguard reputation
Module 3: Drive Execution

Learn about the key ingredients of a successful C&S transition plan. Identify and activate key enablers.

During this module, you'll develop a tangible approach to:

  • Understanding stakeholder perspective
  • Building a green narrative that engages stakeholders and strengthens your team's environmental messaging
  • Setting up tech, governance and working models for your organization's green transformation
  • Facilitating practical application and knowledge transfer for green skills

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Meet our RISE Green Economy Trainers

*The list below is non-exhaustive.

Andrey Berdicheviskiy

Andrey Berdichevskiy

Partner & Associate Director,
Climate & Sustainability
BCG Singapore

  • Core member of BCG's Climate & Sustainability practice area
  • Enabling electrified mobility across Asia
  • Served as a practice leader for the World Economic Forum (WEF)
Andrew osborne

Andrew Osborne

Associate Director,
BCG Singapore

  • 20+ years of experience in change management, transformation, leadership and career development
  • Certified coach, mediator and agile practitioner, and graduate member of the british psychological society
Varad Pandey

Varad Pande

Partner & Director,
BCG Singapore

  • 20+ years experience in social impact, digital public infra and Climate & sustainability
  • Thought leader for WEF, and media such as New York Times
  • Senior advisor to a sector director at the World Bank Group


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Build "Applicable" skills. Learn from industry standard experts practitioners
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Elevate your skills with a program curated and taught by esteemed global BCG and industry practitioners. Benefit from their expertise and insights to drive your success.
Immerse yourself in an educational experience that emphasizes practical application and experience-based learning. Gain the hands-on knowledge you need to excel in your industry.
Boost Your Credentials with the Prestigious BCG U Certificate – Backed by the Renowned BCG Brand

It will be a digital certificate. The title of the certificate is RISE Climate and Sustainability Upskilling for (Senior Management / Finance Professionals / Supply Chain Professionals) depending on the track the candidate has embarked on. The accreditation comes from Boston Consulting Group, one of the three biggest names in management consulting globally.

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Process: Candidates and their company will both need to sign a contract with RISE. SMEs can then additionally leverage their skills future credits

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"LinkedIn data shows hiring for green jobs consistently outpaces overall hiring." 

World Economic Forum





"As Singapore looks to establish itself as a carbon services and trading hub, jobs in the green economy to help businesses decarbonize and implement their net-zero strategies are now in hot demand."

The Straits Times



"Our banks and other financial institutions are looking to expand their operations in green and transition finance, they are looking to build up capabilities, and they are looking for more specialists and talent in this space." 

Mr Lawrence Wong, Minister of Finance



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